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Hypernova Oy (Ltd) is a Finnish Free and Open-Source Software and Hardware support company providing cost-effective open-source services. Our mission is to advance freedom and transparency of our society with free and open-source software and hardware. Anyone has the right to use, modify and share freely licensed software and hardware. It promotes a transparent society, because unlike with closed-source (proprietary) systems, anyone has an opportunity and freedom to study the underlying mechanisms of the systems they use. In closed-source systems this is not possible without expensive third party auditing – we can only trust the system not doing anything intentionally unexpected.

Public sector in particular has the responsibility of using and supporting free and open-source software and hardware projects because services are funded by tax payers whom in our mind have the right to study the systems they have paid for. We recommend free and open-source not only to the public sector but also private organizations and users.

Free and Open-Source Software or hardware can help you mitigate risks. Rising costs typically makes one consider alternative system vendors. The problem is that migrating your current system to a different system is often a very expensive and long process. Closed-source vendors know this. This is known as vendor lock-in. As a resolution, with open-source systems you can at any time move to a different vendor without changing the system itself. At free and open-source we must always maintain a fair and reasonable pricing for our services.

Free and Open-Source Software projects often come with the benefit of no license fees. In these cases the project is often maintained and funded by participating organizations and volunteers. We at Hypernova contribute in many ways to support the projects we use and love.

Cost-effective open-source services

Support companies like Hypernova instead provide various expert level support services from hosting and monitoring systems to making both small and big software and hardware changes.

Relying also highly on automation, we are able to provide cost-effective open-source services. Our organization is almost completely digitalized and we strive for environment friendly paperless office. Our employees work remote at any location of their choice.

Our organization structure is simple and light. Our professionals equally participate in our daily operations. We focus on getting things done instead of spending time on something our employees feel unnecessary. This maintains our productivity and resources.

We have many types of private customers from large corporations to small businesses and public customers from notable government organizations to small schools.

How we contribute

Free and open-source projects often form open public communities. These communities share professional skill, knowledge and innovative ideas for the benefit of all. There are many ways to contribute. Hypernova participates by publishing new free and open-source software, making and reviewing software changes to existing software, providing translations and helping other members of the communities.

It is not always necessary to pay a support company as communities often provide generic and lightweight support free of charge. We recommend users to contribute. One can participate with the best of their abilities. Learning programming is not required. Contributing can be anywhere from making public bug reports to new feature requests or answering questions in chats and public email lists. Some communities organize regular meetings and conferences.

If contributing is something you are interested in, we will gladly help you get started.

We are a member of non-profit association COSS – the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions. It promotes open source, open data, open standards and APIs. Internationally COSS is known as one of the oldest and most active centres for openness.1

As most our projects, this site is also available on GitHub for anyone to view, copy and modify.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need help with anything related to free and open-source software and hardware, please contact us.


1 https://coss.fi/en/ – About COSS – COSS.fi