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Hypernova Oy (Ltd) is a Finnish Information Systems company. Our mission is to advance freedom and transparency in our society with Free and Open Source Software and Hardware (FOSSH). Anyone has the right to use, modify and share freely licensed software and hardware. Communities share professional skill, knowledge and innovative ideas for the benefit of all. It promotes a transparent society, because unlike with proprietary systems, anyone has an opportunity and freedom to study the underlying mechanisms of the systems they use.

Public sector in particular has the responsibility of using and supporting FOSSH projects because the services are funded by tax payers whom in our mind have the right to study the systems they have paid for. Hypernova also strongly recommends FOSSH projects to its private partners.

Relying highly on automation, we are able to provide cost-effective services. Our organization is almost completely digitalized and we strive for environment friendly paperless office. Our employees work remote at any location of their choice. We have signed a climate partnership with our headquarters city of Joensuu, Finland.

As most our projects, this site is also available on GitHub.