Hypernova Oy (Ltd) is a Finnish Information Systems company. Our mission is to advance freedom and transparency in society via free and open source software and hardware. Anyone has the right to use, modify and share freely licensed software and hardware. This ideology forms communities around systems where participants share skills and knowledge for the benefit of all. Freely licensed systems are important to transparent societies, because unlike with proprietary systems, anyone has the freedom to study the functionalities and learn about the methods of data collection.

Modern digital systems minimize unnecessary costs and paperwork, giving us the ability to provide cost-effective services. Our organization is almost completely digitalized and we strive for environment-friendly, paperless office. We have proudly signed a climate partnership with our headquarters city of Joensuu.

Contributions to free software is not our only way of executing transparency – we also log our work in public. See what we did this week as well as a complete list of our projects in our documentation platform.

As most our projects, this site is also available on GitHub.