Toveri Access Control Device

Toveri is a fully open-source access control device. It is produced by professional library software developers. The device is using common and open standards for easy and effective usability, installability and maintainability.

In a self-service library environment, Toveri access control device is waiting at the library front door. It then reads your library card, asks for your PIN-code and requests access from an integrated library system. If the system grants an access, the door opens and you may enter the library. Self-service libraries are common in Finland. They allow you to use the library independently outside the opening hours. Toveri is currently in production use in many libraries around the country.

Toveri is Finnish quality design. It is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including both hot and freezing cold temperatures. Therefore we provide a two-year warranty for the access control device.

It is also under active development and being a free and open-source project, anyone can contribute with the best of their abilities. See our GitHub repository for more detailed information and documentation of the underlying technology.

Widely customizable casing

Multiple casing materials are available at our partner’s catalog. We will provide an engraving of your choice, for example your logo.

Toveri supports PIN-code keypads.
Toveri supports PIN-code keypads.
Toveri with wooden casing
Toveri supports multiple casing materials.
Access control device with custom engravings
Custom engravings.
Toveri at Eno Library
Toveri in use at Eno Library.

Licensing of Toveri Access Control Device

Toveri licenses include CERN OHL and GPLv3. Our clients have rights to modify Toveri software or hardware, as long as they share the new and/or modified software or hardware. Once purchased, the device itself will be a property of our client. Please note the device contains components to which patents and/or copyrights may apply by their original manufacturers.

Contact us

If you have questions or would like to place an order, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.