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The first free and open source library system in the world

Free and open source library system

Koha is an open source library system with a large user and developer community. Thanks to the principles of free software, the functionality and development of Koha is transparent. A service funded by public funds can therefore enjoy the benefits of free and open source software.

Transparency and openness

Our mission is to advance the use of free and open source software around the world. Our vision is to provide libraries an easy path to Koha and open source software community.

Flexible for your needs

Koha is a flexible system with number of features – practically everything a library needs. Koha integrates with multiple other services via APIs (application programming interfaces) such as SIP2 and REST API that expose most functionality of the library system.

Our solid experience

Hypernova has years of Koha hosting and development experience. Our team is active in participating to many free and open source events around the world. Transparency and openness are important values to us. With Koha, we can share these values with our partners.

Use Koha in your library

More information on the system itself and the community behind it is available at Koha community website.