Koha hosting – Request for Quotation

The question is about e-mailing capabilities of the library system.

Please ask your IT administration if your organization has an SMTP server. If your IT services offer such server, and Koha can be connected to it, answer No. In other case, or if connection is not possible, or your organization does not have an IT administration, answer Yes.

Connection to your organization's SMTP server may require firewall configuration. Due to networking policies of some organizations, this may not always be possible, if the policy of your network administration forbid open connections from a server outside the network where the SMTP server is located at.

You can also answer "I don't know" and provide the answer later, so that we can receive your request right away.

Do you need the ability to send notifications to your patrons via SMS? If Yes, please specify the number of monthly SMS quota. If No, do not answer this question.

Other requirements or questions