Koha hosting


Koha - Free Library System

Hypernova provides an affordable and professional Koha installation and hosting service. Our service ensures your library system is always online and your data is both securely stored and safely backed up. Our servers are located in a modern and reliable data center in Finland and our service is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Koha as a Service
Professional Library System Hosting Service

Our service

  • Installation of the latest Koha version
  • Koha software update twice a year
  • Maintenance and automatic monitoring service. We are constantly monitoring the availability of your ILS and quickly react to any problems.
  • Backups and a backup restoration service
  • Networking (firewalls, DNS, IPv4) and SSL certificates

Migrating your current library system to Koha

Additionally, we have a migration service that converts your current library system to Koha. The migration is an important step of Koha deployment. The best result is achieved via co-operation of our professionals and your head librarian(s). Because libraries have various different conventions for maintaining a database, it is important that your conventions are taken into account.